Podborski Cup

I spent most of January in Europe with the team training and competing in various events. Lets just say that we can chalk this trip up as a valuable learning experience. For the most part I was feeling really good in training but when it came to race day it just was not happening for me. It is a completely different feeling racing in Europe and I did not adapt to the tough conditions and stacked race fields. I definitely got in my own way of skiing fast. I did get to race at some pretty amazing venues though, including the World Cup GS at Adelboden and the DH Europa Cup in Wengen. Both are classic races and I learned a ton skiing the tracks. I came home very disappointed but looked forward to getting a fresh start for the last half of the season. I met with my sports psychologist while I was home and came up with a plan to move forward with. I am very happy with where my head space is now so hopefully I can bring this confidence to the upcoming Norams in Vail.

Night Slalom in Chamonix



Take-off in Wengen

Landing from Below

While I was home for a short break, I was able to drive up to Collingwood and help out at the Podborski Cup Speed Camp for U14s and U12s at Craigleith, my home club. Yes, I went skiing on my very few days off! I was a part of this event when I was young so it was great to get out and ski with the kids and hopefully teach them a few things. Ski Cross athletes and Olympians, Davy Barr and Julia Murray were also there to help out for the week and it was great to have them around. It was terribly cold both days of the camp but all the kids from across the escarpment were toughing it out and giving it their all in several different stations. My favourite station was the DH jump that was built at the top of the Comet trail. Many of the athletes were quite nervous about it at first but after a couple runs where they were a bit timid off the jump you could see their confidence building and soon they were bombing off the jump like nothing! Overall, I had a blast at the Pod Cup! It always feels good to go back to where I starting skiing and hang out with the young up and comer athletes.

Hanging out with the U12’s before inspection

Inspecting with the athletes

The man himself, Head Coach Dave Campbell

Davy Barr and I

Davy, Julia and I with some Craigleith Coaches

Following me off the Jump!

Thanks to Cam Powell for the amazing photos! Below is a link to a sweet video Dave Campbell made from the Pod Cup Camp, Check it out!

Now I am in Colorado where we have been training for a few days to prep for the Vail Noram Tech series which starts on Thursday. After this hopefully I will head back to Europe for more races in February but it all depends on how strong I ski this week!

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