Behind every fearless skier is a fearless coach who refuses to let them be anything but the best they can be. I’m not sure who wrote that but it’s absolutely true. I have the following coaches to thank for believing in me and pushing me beyond what I thought was possible for a guy from Toronto, Ontario!

2002-03k1Bebe ZoricicCraigleith
2003-04k1Bebe ZoricicCraigleith
2004-05k2Josh Mace, Bebe ZoricicCraigleith
2005-07k2Jeff Jones, Brammer LongCraigleith
2006-08FIS-JuniorUlic LongfordOntario Development Team
2007-09FIS-JuniorUlic LongfordOntario Team
2008-09FIS-JuniorBruce KnoepfelIced Out Racing
2009-10FIS-JuniorBruce KnoepfelIced Out Racing
2010-11FIS-JuniorKip HarringtonCanadian National Prospect Team
2011-12FIS-JuniorDusan GrasicCanadian National Team
2012-13FIS-SeniorDusan GrasicCanadian National Team
2014OlympicMassimo Carca and Paolo De FlorianCanadian National Team
2017OlympicPaolo De Florian and Ryan MalmbergCanadian National Team