Welcome to Skifastphil.com

I am extremely excited to welcome all of you to my new site! The website has been in the development process for several weeks now and it is finally ready to be launched. I am not exactly the most tech savvy guy, so I won’t lie to you and say that I put in countless hours building this masterpiece. I was directly involved with the design and layout of the site but the knitty gritty work has to be credited to a few other individuals. Ralph Pieczonka (Novoveo Ventures) is an IT specialist who is hosting this site on his servers and was able to get the site up and running. Noel Mercieca (Break Point Design) is a graphic designer and can be credited for all the visual effects of the site as well as designing several different logos. I’d like to extend a massive Thank You to these men for putting in extra time to design and launch my site! I would also like to thank my Dad, Steve Brown, as he has also been very involved with the launch of Skifastphil.com.

This website has been created so that my friends, family and fans can check in and be a part of my journey as a member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. It may take some time for me to learn how I can optimize all of the features of this site, so be patient! Technically this is my first “blog” post of many to come so stay tuned and I will try to update it as frequently as possible. I am no photographer, but if I capture anything that I think is worthy of posting you will be able to find it here. I also plan on posting ski videos of training, racing, and anything else that you may enjoy watching. For now, feel free to explore everything the site has to offer and pass the word!

Currently I am on the road with the team at the Hintertux Glacier in Austria. It is the third year in a row that we have come here in October since it offers some great (but very tough) on snow training. I am returning to snow from a scope on my meniscus just over a month ago so I am slowly easing back into things, however the rest of the team has been having some extremely challenging days training. The snow is limited right now so we are basically skiing on black, rock hard, glacier ice. It’s extremely demanding to say the least but if you can figure out how to ski fast here then everything else will seem easy!

Our group will be in Austria for another 3 weeks before returning to Canada. That’s all for now, I will try to update the site as much as possible so you can stay up to speed with what my team and I are up to.

‘till next time – Phil

Crazy Euro line-up in the morning

Hintertux Glacier first thing in the morning

Hintertux Glacier – pretty good view from my office

The Boys and Physio getting ready to go! (Morgan, Sasha, Conrad, JP)

I jumped in for the next pic!

New Dainese set up with Skiis and Biikes head gear – Sweet!

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