Change of Pace

I wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone about what I have been up to recently and what lays ahead for me in the future…

This past ski season, I was competing in pain and discomfort for the majority of the year. The pain was not bad enough to stop me from skiing, however, it altered my ability to perform the way I wanted. Injuries are a part of the sport and competing in some pain is often normal for many athletes. I made the decision to grind out the season as best as I could and then make arrangements to see the doctor as soon as I wrapped up the year.

Our medical staff had an idea what the problem was, concerning my hip and low back; however, could not confirm until I saw a specialist and had images taken. After undergoing X-rays, an MRI and a CT Scan, it was clear that there is an issue that requires attention.

I have, what is called, a Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) in my right hip. The injury is chronic and has likely progressed over time due to added stress on the hip from both skiing, and other sports throughout my life. In basic terms, the bones in my hip joint have overgrown, resulting in a pinch in the joint. Due to the shape of the bones, I have difficulty rotating my leg internally and an overall lack of hip mobility. This impingement has also triggered a small tear in my labrum (the cartilage in the hip joint). The combination of these injuries lead to the discomfort I experienced all season and is likely what led to the issues with my lower back.

Over the past month, I have seen several doctors to figure out the best option for me. The general consensus was clear: if I do not take care of the issue now, I risk further damage. In being proactive, a surgery date was booked for May 25th to perform a hip arthroscopy. The surgery will take place in Toronto, which will allow me to be at home during the beginning phases of rehab. Over the last few weeks, I have been in Toronto training extremely hard to prepare my body to be as fit as possible going into surgery.

Tomorrow morning a new challenge begins for me. I wont know exactly how long it will be until I can ski again, but I guarantee that I will work my butt off to be back as soon as possible. I am confident that I have the best support team surrounding me in order to accomplish this. Surgery is a minor speed bump in my road to success and I cannot wait to overcome this challenge and come back motivated to succeed.

I wanted to write this post so that there are no surprises to my friends, fans and sponsors. Tomorrow is Day 1 of a new chapter in my career. I will keep you updated as I progress through my recovery.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support,

Phil Brown

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