Calgary Floods + Mt. Hood Summer Camp

We finished up a tough, month long block, of dryland training in Calgary by the end of June. As most people saw on the news, in the last week of June many neighbourhoods in Calgary were devastated by floods caused by the overflowing of the Bow and Elbow rivers which run directly through the city. Many were forced to evacuate their homes for several days until the water receded enough to allow residents to return and begin the clean up process. Luckily, at Brad’s house we were safe from the water but, as Sasha and I sat watching the news all day we knew that the damage was going to be disastrous. It was the first serious natural disaster I have experienced first hand and it was definitely an eye opener. The city was so quiet as everyone waited to find out how much destruction would be done to their homes. As the water slowly cleared away, volunteers gathered by the thousands to help anyone in need. I felt obligated to help anywhere I could. So, myself and several other athletes went down to the flooded neighbourhoods to put some work in. It was hard for me to comprehend the amount of damage as we walked through the streets of the heavily affected areas. In the hard hit neighbourhoods, basements were completely submerged in water and the main floors had up to 4 feet of water. Everyone in the city was now on the same team, and we worked together to clean out the soaking wet, mud filled houses. I’m sure it will be a long process until everything is back to normal but the attitude and vibe among Calgarians who were helping was extraordinary.

Clearing out piles from front lawns into bins

Trev and I during a muddy clean up

Did I mention we work out too?? Trev and I trying to get bigger in the gym!

Photo taken during our teams Power Skating session

Sometimes accidents happen. Dustin Cook caught me with a high stick during pick-up hockey. Not a true Canadian without a hockey scar on your face right?

Doc was nice enough to let me take a selfie while she was stitching me up!

After a hectic final week in Calgary, we packed up the vans and hit the road at 5am Sunday morning. After 14 hours of driving we arrived in Government Camp for 10 days on snow at Mt. Hood. We arrived to 40 Degree weather and most of us were skeptical, to say the least, about what the conditions would be like. As expected, the first few days were more like water skiing. Temperatures were in the mid 20’s by 10am which made for some interesting training…. But at least it was sunny! I’ll be the first to admit that Mt. Hood isn’t my favourite place to train for several reasons, but we had to make do with what was given to us. By the end of the camp, we had 9 days on snow and, despite questionable conditions, we were able to put in some solid work. It is good to have the ability to ski in any conditions so we all tried to stay positive (wasn’t always easy) and add as many skills to our repertoire as possible! You never know what kind of snow conditions you will run into while on the circuit, a race is a race.

The great thing about Mt.Hood is the endless amount of activities we were able to do during the afternoons. Most of us travelled down with our mountain bikes so we took advantage of some great trails in the area. Some days we would bring our bikes to the ski hill in the morning and take a 5 mile single track downhill trail through the forest back to our condos. Even though we were on a ski camp, it is dryland season and we made sure to incorporate several weight workouts through the week. The best part was that, because of the nice weather, all of our workouts took place outside – weights, agility, core, frisbee, biking, pool workouts. I think it was the most active I have been on a ski camp in a while, and all of us left the camp looking much more tanned than when we started! All the activities made the on-snow training more enjoyable for me, that’s for sure!

Top of the course in the early morning

Water Break

Cold tubs for recovery in the river behind our condo

Thanks to the Alberta team for letting us use their homemade gym!

We hit the links on our day off….Make shift golf bags.

Our new Italian Coach, Max Carca, brought his wife and child to Mt. Hood and we celebrated Eduardo’s (aka Edo) 1st birthday!

Happy Birthday Edo! – Homemade Tiramisu

We made friends with some young ski racers during the camp. They had endless amounts of energy, I miss those days! We had a blast with them though.

This little guy was using us to get his sets of pull-ups in 

I flew straight down to Park City to hang out with my Sister, Kendall, for a couple days before I head back up to Calgary for another long block of dryland until our next ski camp at the end of August.

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