Calgary – Dryland Season Begins

Following our Sunshine camp I was a able to fly home and spend a few weeks with my family. Its always a nice break to be able to unpack my bags completely and settle in for a little while. 3 weeks felt like an eternity to be in one place, especially at home!! I really enjoyed spending time with my family as well as hanging out with my hometown friends who I am not able to see very much through the season. Its quite refreshing to be around people who are not part of the ski community. This year, we were able to start our dryland prep period at home and get our bodies moving again after a long season. I was back in the gym at FITS Toronto where I used to train before I made the National team. The guys at FITS have always been amazing to me and are always happy to help out whenever I need to get a workout in while I am in the city. This was a great opportunity for me to work on my own and prep my body for the move to Calgary in June where our intense summer dryland season would commence.

FITS Toronto

Lifting Platforms

On June 1st, I packed up everything I needed for the summer and moved west to Calgary. Brad Spence, a veteran on the ski team, was nice enough offer me (and Sasha Zaitsoff) a room for rent in his house. I’ve been here for just over 2 weeks now and thoroughly enjoying the time here with my roomies. We have been taking turns cooking dinner for each other during the week…in classic ski racer fashion it has created some friendly competition. We all take pride in our cooking so we have been pulling out all the stops in trying to impress each other with some healthy and tasty meals! I must say, Brads veteran experience is evident when he gets in the kitchen. Sasha and I are nipping at his heals though!

My days have been crazy busy since I have been here, which is actually really nice. We jumped right into an intense dryland program where our days are jam packed. Along with the normal strength workouts in the gym, our trainers have incorporated some different activities into our program. Obviously leg and core strength are very important for ski racing…but I personally think that general athleticism is very crucial and can be easily transferred onto snow. Activities like hockey, mountain biking, squash and yoga have all been scheduled into our program. All of these cross training sports are amazing for increasing body awareness and developing different muscles that are harder to trigger if you are just in the gym all the time. Most of them require quick thinking and adaptability on the fly…skills which are extremely useful in ski racing!!

Trev “Junior” Philp repping DU in the gym

Erik Read workin the legs

Biking in Calgary with the new young bucks

Mikaela Tommy riding in Canmore

Morgan Megarry taking a breather

Majestic shot looking down the valley..Photo Cred: Conrad Pridy

Now that I am all settled in and have a good routine in Calgary, I am extremely happy and really enjoying myself. I think that it is going to be an excellent summer and I feel like I have surrounded myself with the right people in order to have a successful off season. A couple more weeks ahead of hard work in the gym and then we will drive down to Mt. Hood for a 10 day camp on snow.

Hope all of you are enjoying summer weather, wherever you may be!

Until next time,



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