Phil Brown's Biography

Phil Brown, Canada's Ski TeamA standout performer at the 2011 world junior championships, where he picked up a bronze medal in combined, Brown is regarded as one of Canada’s stars of the future.

The Toronto, Ont., native, a product of Craigleith Ski Club, made his World Cup debut in giant slalom on Jan. 7, 2012 at the classic Swiss race in Adelboden.

About Phil
Birth date: 09/11/1991
Birth place: Toronto, Ont.
Residence: Toronto, Ont.
Hometown: Toronto, Ont.
Ski club:     Craigleith Ski Club
Made team: 2011
Height: 5-11
Weight: 190 pounds
Skis: Rossignol
Boots: Rossignol
Poles: Swix
Helmet: Dainese
Goggles: Dainese

Top Results
1st – Giant slalom – Nor-Am Cup – Stowe, USA (2012)
2nd – Super-G – Audi Coupe Nor-Am Cup – Panorama, B.C. (2011)
3rd – Combined – World Junior Ski Championships – Crans Montana, SUI (2011)

Nor-Am Cup rankings
Overall: 5th
Slalom: 33rd
Giant slalom: 5th
Super combined: 5th
Super-G: 9th

FIS World Junior Championships (podiums)
3rd – Combined – Crans Montana, SUI (Feb. 2011)

1st – Giant slalom – Stowe, USA (March 2012)
2nd – Super combined – Panorama, B.C. (Dec. 2011)
2nd – Super-G – Panorama, B.C. (Dec. 2011)
3rd – Super combined – Whistler, B.C. (March 2011)
3rd – Giant slalom – Mt. Garceau, Que. (Jan. 2011)

Finishes in the top 10
10th – Slalom – Vail, USA (Feb. 2012)
6th – Giant slalom – Panorama, B.C. (Dec. 2011)
7th – Giant slalom – Panorama, B.C. (Dec. 2011)
7th – Super-G – Whistler, B.C. (March 2011)
8th – Giant slalom – Whistler, B.C. (March 2011)
9th – Slalom – Panorama, B.C. (Dec. 2010)
6th – Super combined – Panorama, B.C. (Dec. 2010)
7th – Super combined – Burke, USA (March 2010)
10th – Giant slalom – Panorama, B.C. (Dec. 2009)

Nicknames: Downtown Philly Brown (not sure how that started); Philly Cheesesteak (just because, also unsure); Philly B or Philler

Goals for 2012-13 season: To gain more experience in World Cup events in super-G, giant slalom and slalom and to be consistent on the Nor-Am circuit and earn titles in the overall/discipline points race.

Best moment in ski racing: Finishing third overall in the combined event at world juniors in 2011; finishing top 15 in all four events, also at world juniors. Greatest week of skiing I have ever had.

Worst moment in ski racing: I almost always have fun ski racing.

What one thing would you change about ski racing? I would make it sunny all the time! There is nothing better than skiing on a blue-bird day. And, if it were somehow possible to have warm weather and still have great snow, I would do that, too!

Person you look up to most in ski racing: Hermann Maier. It’s somewhat cliche but he really is the man!

On your iPod: A good mix of stuff, mostly top 20 hits and beats. I am pretty easy with music though.

Favourite movie: Dumb and Dumber. If you have seen it, you know why! And Forrest Gump – as a child I watched it almost every night before bed. Probably didn’t understand half the movie but I just liked watching Forrest run.

Hockey team: Toronto Maple Leafs – greatest city in the world. Go Leafs Go!

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be? Tiger Woods. I think he would be interesting to talk to. Despite his recent reputation I still think that it would be cool.

Something no-one knows about you: As a child, I was terrified of thunder storms/tornadoes. The movie Twister scared me. I believed that whenever there was a thunder storm a tornado would come and lift my house up. I would hide under my covers in bed haha!

Favourite activities other than skiing: Hockey, golf, water skiing/barefooting.

Superstitions: I try to stay away from superstitions. But every once in a while if I have a good race I will wear the same pair of socks until I have a bad race – same thing with my long underwear. One year I raced with two different colours of socks every day for a month. It didn’t matter what colour they were, just as long as they were not the same.

If a movie was made about your life, who should play the lead role? Mark Wahlberg, because he is a boss.

What’s a talent you wish you had? I wish I could play an instrument. I am completely musically inept.

If you weren’t a skier what would you be? In university as a full-time student with no idea what I would want to be.

Most embarrassing moment: World juniors 2011 – during the official awards ceremony for my third overall award. Right before I was about to be called onto the podium for finishing third, a guy came running over and said the results were wrong and I was actually fourth. They did the whole ceremony with me in fourth place, even though I was actually third. After the ceremony they realized they messed up and had to re-do the entire ceremony.

Describe yourself in three words: Philly. Cheese. Steak.